Norman McKenzie Testimonial

Hi Shane and Caren,

I just wanted to reach out to you both to extend a huge Thank You for introducing my family to the doTERRA range of supplements.

I need to share my story with you as it has had such a significant impact on my life. 24 years ago I suffered a workplace injury which left me with two prolapsed discs in my lower spine. The injury was serious and left me partially paralysed in my left leg, along with acute pain with every single move. I was bedridden for several months which was followed by almost 2 years of rehab to learn to walk again.

For the next 10 – 12 years I took massive amounts of Ibuprofen and Codeine just to stay on top of the inflammation and pain. This eventually caused damage to my digestive system so I then had to take Losec to manage my stomach ulcer.

On top of the pharmaceuticals, I underwent a regime of therapeutic sports massage, acupuncture, osteopathy and chiropractic treatment on a weekly basis to manage my pain and mobility. (Most mornings getting out of bed was an ordeal following night upon night of broken sleep due to pain every time I moved in my sleep).

With all of this however, through my determination, I managed to build a thriving business, and have a loving wife and family to support me. But I longed for a life where I didn’t live with chronic pain and simply ‘survive’ each day (somedays the pain was so bad even my wife would mention that death will be a relief for me)..

All of this has changed! On Carens recommendation, my wife bought the doTERRA Vitality Pack for me to try mentioning she had heard this might be really good for people suffering with chronic back pain. I’ll give anything a try so I faithfully started taking the supplements every day. After a week or so, my wife mentioned “How are you feeling? You don’t seem to be in pain?”. Then it hit me – I hadn’t given my back a thought! I was literally pain-free – nothing!

So I did a test. I stopped taking the supplements just to see. And sure enough, after around 4 days the pain was back!

So I’ve been taking the doTERRA Vitality Pack for around a year now. My lifestyle is now really active – I’ve taken up mountain biking, and regularly shred the downhill adventure park as well as planning a marathon event next year!

I love my pain-free life! Thanks so much for introducing me to the doTERRA supplements – they have literally changed the quality of my life!