Caren’s Story

Hi there, so pleased to meet you. I am a wife and mother of three busy teenagers. Originally from South Africa, New Zealand has been my home for 22 years.

I am a focused, driven and very passionate individual about all those things that touch my soul and I truly believe I have reached this earth to make a difference in people’s lives each and every day.  I’m so pleased to have found dōTERRA – as it does just that, be it spiritual, emotional or physical. Being a solution based thinker… I see what IS possible, not what isn’t…. dōTERRA has my back on that. What I have learnt to know is the universe has our back, all we need to do is show up.

My first introduction to doTERRA met me as an enormous sceptic.  I don’t believe to this day that I have met as big a sceptic as I was. My life had put forward some big challenges and I was struggling on all fronts. I needed some answers in a BIG way and a way to support and empower my family better. Each and every time I opened a bottle, it WORKED and I was surprised. So its is now my passion to empower women to do the same for themselves and for their children.

Just 3 years ago I discovered that women would typically put over 125 chemicals onto her body before she would leave the home, this was horrifying.  That was me then – now I have found solutions for every one of those and I have been bought to this space – with the innate need to support and empower families and individuals in all areas of life.  We have options and choices to choose what we put onto and into our bodies.

It would be my greatest gift to introduce you to the world of dōTERRA, empower you in your daily usage, and educate you around the incredible diversity of what these oils can deliver. Please do reach out if you feel the time for you is now and you too would like these gifts of the earth in YOUR home.

For those who partner with us in the Business side of doTERRA, together Shane and I meet you exactly where you are at. We bring a strong sense of support, commitment, empowerment and drive to focus on you and your aspirations. Join us……dreams do come true. We are passionate about rising up together as a team and impacting the world one drop at a time.