Liam’s Story

Our beautiful son was born with two holes in his heart and chronic breathing difficulties from the age of 8 days old. Far out we have been through the mill with him. By the age of 3 I’d say we knew the names of every doctor and nurse on the wards we visited so frequently. It was absolutely terrifying landing up in hospital with him all the time and watching the enormous amount of drugs being pumped into him regularly. At 14 he just looked like such an ill child with no energy and was mocked often for looking this way. It broke our hearts as parents! When we met doTERRA we gave it a go to ease so much of what was going on for him and literally watched him transform right in front of our eyes. We did discover the he was intolerant to dairy too and together with the oils we have a bright, outgoing confident young man who no longer struggles the way he did and we are so grateful. He uses them every single day without fail and to be honest I love how I get messages and texts from his mates (now all 17) asking for their own samples as things come up for him.