Paige’s Story

Our middle child Paige has grown up being a quiet, conscientious young lady. She simply loves the oils.

Often if I’m not home and the oils arrive she has unpacked, opened and sampled them all. If an oil is ‘missing’ I know where to find it… her own personal stash! Because we had so much going on with Liam and Chloe and Shane was travelling so much with work Paige stepped into the role of being second Mum in the house. And with that was also constantly worried about her brother and sister. For her getting to sleep and staying asleep during the night was problematic and meant she didn’t wake well rested.

She loves using Lavender Peace on a nightly base to support this .Ice blue is another favourite after a good work out at the gym. Paige  cannot wait to turn 18 and start her very own doTERRA business as she studies at University next year. She simply loves the smells and the ambience that oils create for her.