Shane’s Story

I believe that all of our experiences, the good ones that make us feel full of life and whole, the ones that makes us retract back into a corner feeling like there is a fog or haze covering us, they all have a purpose.

These moments and experiences  bring us to critical crossroads where some paths end and another one opens for us.

I found myself facing such a cross road in December of 2016. When at the age of 46 I had a cardiac arrest while working out at the boxing gym.
At a moment in time when I thought I was getting back to my fittest… the reality was on the inside I was far from that.
The 20 years I had spent creating an amazing career in several multinational corporate had taken its toll.

Today I see both men and Women driven to provide for our families, to make sure we give them what they need and want. In today’s world of always on the go and always looking at the next thing to get… the lists can become very big and the downtime very small!

The reality is that we are in constant environments that create stress in our lives and our bodies, it is a silent killer in many ways as it will manifest somehow and somewhere both physically and emotionally.

Too often we don’t eat as well as we should or take enough time to enjoy what have and appreciate it.
That is the reason that I now partner with doTERRA I want to help Men and Women take care of themselves emotionally, physically and financially.

Over 18 months I have reclaimed my health, reconnected with my family on an emotional level and found a deep passion for what I am doing.
And ill be straight if 18 months  ago you had told me that this would happen by removing toxins from my home and body,  and essential oils..

I would have cracked up in fits of laughter and asked if you were sane. But that is exactly how I have done it. I would love to work with you in whatever capacity you choose whether that is to or remove the toxins from your home and body, help you or your loved ones emotionally or partner with you to create financial freedom and abundance in your life.

A quote I love from  Tony Robbins and I know to be true.. “your past does not equal your future”